Saturday, March 19, 2016

Questions about the limited ego

Questions to help us understand and embrace our limited ego

1. Limited ego is the mediator or gatekeeper between my deep internal state of being and the external world.
Although the vibrational frequency of all signals that emerge from my deeper internal state may start out as positive, they lose power as they come their way through the limited ego filter/gatekeeper. Then I find myself unable to follow through on a pure, positive intention.
What do I have to do to relocate my sense of self in my deep internal state of being? How?
2. Limited ego creates a sense of identity on the basis of physical aspects such as nationality, culture, religion, gender, profession, possession, marital status, etc.
Even traces of a limited physical identity will keep me seeking a sense of accomplishment and pride on the basis of what I do and what I have. I will then find it difficult to think of myself as a child of God. The limited ego cannot really love itself so self-respect is continually undermined.
How can I fix myself in soul-consciousness as God's child?
3. Limited ego’s source of fulfilment is physical sensations.
An attraction to the temporary pleasures of the world is strengthened and reinforced by limited ego. Then I crave or rely on pleasure from worldly sources and the soul is unable to fulfil the spiritual craving underlying it. Limited ego stops me from havine an intense desire for spiritual development and using it to overcome my attraction to sense pleasures.
To what extent I have a burning desire for my spiritual development beyond the senses?
4. Limited ego constructs pride on the basis of acquired knowledge.
It believes that to KNOW is to BE, that ideals are reality. The limited ego builds castles on the basis of very little and expresses itself as subtle arrogance in my thoughts, attitudes, behaviours in relation to others. Then I am unable to have caring feelings for others (including service companions). I consider them less intelligent so I am unable to see how they can serve better than me because they have a spirit of love.
How much understanding and sense of charity do I have towards others whom I classify as having little intelligence, but however, have more spirit of service with love than me?
5. Limited ego prioritizes activities on the basis of a false scale of values.
So I am left having gained the world but losing my soul. The limited ego keeps me busy pursuing things that add no value to my divine development but convinces me they do. The limited ego shifts my perception of my environment so I see value in activities that reinforce ego.
How many things do I still do or chase that do not add value to my spiritual development?
6. Limited ego makes true things appear false and false things appear true.
The limited ego distorts everything I do to add emphasis/drama and make it more interesting or worthy of ignoring. I begin to live inside the story it creates and am unable to accurately discern what is real and false in my actual environment.
How real is my perception of my current surroundings?
7. Limited ego isolates me from others and maintains an illusion that I am separate.
This illusion allows the limited ego to judge and organize me and my life around things that interests it. Slowly I forget the natural beauty of the experience of the consciousness of ‘we’ or ‘us’ and dig an even deeper hole for myself to hide in.
When was the last time you were really in the consciousness of 'we'? How was it?
8. Limited ego creates a false sense of security in things that ultimately do not give me real support.
The limited ego creates dependences on people, possessions, and positions for my sense of well-being. The limited ego leads me to believe that I am indispensable or essential. Fear of losing things that I am dependent upon becomes a subtle limitation and produces many games.
If I lost all the things or people to which I feel dependent, I would still exist. How would be my experience?
9. Limited ego restricts and interferes with my spiritual development because it knows/suspects that this will ultimately lead to its extinction.
The limited ego convinces me to make excuses like ‘it’s human to make mistakes’. The limited ego creates doubts about the possibility of self-transformation and undermines my discipline.
What are the excuses (self-lies) that I frequently use so as not to make the necessary spiritual effort?
10. Limited ego has an enormous capacity for self-deception
It positions me as better or worse than I really am. This leads to blind spots in the way I behave and impact on others. The 'me' that lives inside my head gets out of sync with reality and refuses to believe that others see me in a way I am unable to see or reveal myself.
If I made a list of virtues that I naturally have and those that I need to improve, would they be the same list as those with whom I live and work closely?

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