Saturday, July 27, 2013

No worries, right decisions

A person walking in the mountains and finds a huge rock blocking the way, wastes time and energy trying to remove the obstacle. If he can not remove the rock, becomes discouraged and complains of his bad luck. For a pilot flying over the scene in an airplane, that rock does not represent any difficulty. It still exists, but because he sees the situation from a different perspective, and his mode of transport is different, he continues without the slightest feeling that something serious has happened.
Any situation, as tough as it seems, can be viewed from a different perspective. The meditative state is the plane from where I can see the steps I went through to get to a certain place, and also see what is waiting for me ahead. The vision of the past, present and future of every circumstance helps keep me carefree, serene and especially make the right decisions.

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