Sunday, May 3, 2015

The next dimension of ourselves

A cartoon entitled  'Dr. Quantum visits Flatland' came out as part of the documentary about the quantum view of the world,  “What the Bleep do we Know?”. It perfectly illustrates the dilemma we have as human beings.
Flatland is a world of only two dimensions inhabited by lines, circles, squares, polygons, etc. The beings of this place have only length and width. In a dialogue between Dr. Quantum and a female circle the dilemma becomes clear. Up and down are such inconceivable concepts that even to speculate on these other dimensions is prohibited. The little circle has such difficulty in understanding the word 'up' that she thinks the voice she can hear but not see if from a ghost, a crazy person and even a god.
The internal dimension where the potential of every being waits its turn, is seen by many with the same incredulity as a circle trying to understand a sphere.
The possibility of self-development from a deep understanding of self and the world in which we live turns out to be a pure journey of imagination. We are just Flatlanders trying to understand the next dimension.
In a conversation I had with a good friend who was once the president of one of the largest paint companies in the world, he reveals the difficulty of understanding the next dimension of ourselves. He said: "We are not sufficiently aware due to the relationships we have, that we are actually part of this world. It is the low level of our consciousness that reduces our ability to maintain consistency between the values ​​that we as human beings have and the values ​​that we practice as 'business beings'?
As leaders of our families, businesses and communities we have a responsibility to begin to create and sustain the unity of values ​​between what we practice and the world of which we are part. We have to become aware that we are global citizens who want to live and contribute to a better world for all of us. "

“What the Bleep do we Know”, Lord of the Wind Films, 2004 (

This is a text from my book in Portuguese, Espírito do Líder, Vol. 2, Editora Integrare

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