Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happiness is the best expression of who you really are

To create and maintain a happy disposition, I need to know how to be positive. This doesn't mean walking with my head in the clouds thinking that everything is wonderful. I need to learn to keep equanimity in both good and bad situations. Ugliness doesn't make me ugly nor sorrow makes me sad. Successes don't inflate the ego nor does failure shake me. If it were so, life would continuing swinging between high high and low disappointments.
Transient peaks of joy, paid for by valleys of depression in the existential rollercoaster, only lead to wear and tear. Tiredness, boredom and loneliness are symptoms of an inability to extract happiness from the simple. Dissatisfaction is the fruit of not being able to make the best use of what I already have.
A few tips:
  • Observe your own and others' specialties and encourage them consciously.
  • Enjoy the moments when you're alone to access your own deep inner happiness.
  • Remember that success is a combination of enthusiasm and determination.
  • Don´t try to be someone you are not; be the best you, you can possibly be.
  • If you are fun, everything will also be. Be serious only when you really need to be.
Happiness is not a conquest but the expression of the deeper state of the being itself.

Source: "Reflexões para uma vida plena”, by Ken O’Donnell. Integrare Editora, Sao Paulo.

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