Saturday, August 24, 2013

Humility: the other face of self-respect

Being able to mold ourselves in any situation, from an internal state without ego, indicates an inner strength based on understanding and love. In fact, true humility is not possible without spiritual love. The thought ‘I did this. I'm good' can be the door through which many obstacles come. Ego is the seed of obstacles, is to count the virtues of self and the weaknesses of others. The thought 'I am an instrument of good to do good' can close that door forever.
Humility allows the existence of other people in the plenitude of their virtues or the emptiness of their weaknesses, without either jealousy for their strengths or judgement of their weaknesses.
Each individual is unique. The state of humility is shown by a tree with its branches so full of fruit that they almost touch the ground.
Humility does not mean being submissive because of lack of respect for yourself, but it means to be so sure of your own spiritual attainments that it costs nothing to bow. One can still be like a lion yet recognise the value of others and life. It is the other side of the coin of self-respect.
A truly humble person puts out the fire of the anger of others.

From the book ‘Peace Begins with You’ (Portuguese)' by Ken O'Donnell (link

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